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What Sort of Practice Are We?

We are a two-partner, small but (we think!) efficient  rural family practice, with a full Primary Healthcare Team on site as you can see from the main website.

Ten good reasons to be a registrar at Bridgewater

  1. We are only 30 minutes drive through lovely countryside from Telford or Shrewsbury. You don’t need to be resident locally.
  2. The partner’s surgeries are never longer than 12 booked patients, so there is plenty of time for teaching along the way.
  3. Tutorials are dedicated 2 hour sessions, instead of a surgery, usually with one or other partner, but also with other members of the team, both clinical and non clinical. We also like to do joint surgeries with the registrar as part of the learning experience [for both parties!].
  4. The surgery is closed on Wednesday afternoons, so plenty of time for study!
  5. We have a broad spectrum of patients both dermographically and by social class.
  6. We have 3 highly skilled and regarded practice nurses [one who is a specialist GP Nurse Practitioner], who specialise in diabetes, cardio/cerebrovascular disease and asthma/COPD; special clinics run in all three areas.
  7. We aim to do today’s works today [known as advance access] —- so no waiting lists!
  8. Each partner does Shropdoc sessions every month, the registrar has to do a minimum amount of ’emergency cover, but we do recognise that if needed these sessions are very valuable as part of training and more can be done if so wished.
  9. Please come and see us, we are a friendly bunch with lots to offer to make General Practice rewarding, stimulating and enjoyable.
  10. We aim to turn out a well rounded GP who knows their own limitations, is confident at managing clinical problems, with empathy, understanding but is also able to stand back and give objective advice. They will have an understanding of the business of general practice including the payment mechanisms and how they mesh with improved clinical care, our responsibilities as employers and the policies/procedures we all have learnt to live with. They will have a good grasp of GP computing.

Please feel free to speak to our present registrar via the contact page

Some other aspects of life as a Registrar at Bridgewater….

Community Hospital:

There is a local community hospital where we admit and care for our own patients.  This is a real asset both for the patients and for us, and affords many valuable teaching opportunities about the interface between primary and secondary care.  There are also lots of opportunities to visit the numerous outpatient clinics there for experience and consultant teaching in a relaxed 1:1 setting.

Out of Hours:

We are members of ‘Shropdoc’, the county’s Out of Hours Co-operative and one of the biggest and best in the UK.  You will be expected to be involved in this, but always supervised. The New GP Contract means that OOH care is no longer compulsory, but Registrars will be expected to gain some experience.  However, North Shropshire’s Zone is one of the quieter areas.

The New Contract:

The practice has prepared well, has gained almost maximum QOF points and recently had a very encouraging ‘QOF visit’ report.  Confused already?  All will be made clear, but suffice it to say we have ‘risen to the challenge’ and feel we can make the best of the new arrangements both in terms of using the team efficiently to deliver services and providing the best care for our patients.

Half Day Release:

We integrate fully with Shropshire’s Half Day Release Scheme. At present you have the choice of a Tuesday or a Thursday afternoon for this, both held at the posh New Postgraduate Centre in Shrewsbury.

IT and Innovation:

We run an (almost completely) paperless computer system – EMIS – and are linked with several hospitals for laboratory results and some clinical details.  We scan all received letters onto the computer system.  We use electronic dictation software which speeds up secretarial throughput.

Learning Resources:

We have a well-stocked, catalogued library, internet access, CD-ROM learning resources including MRCGP preparation and a well-organised tutorial / learning-needs package, tailored to individual need. and based on continual Needs Assessment and review.  We use video assessment (we have a new camera in your room) and shared surgeries – all the scary stuff – but it’s fine once you’re used to it…. if we can do it (and we do) you can too!

2007 Practice Inspection:

This visitation by regional educationalists and well as local colleagues, to assess standards of training and facilities, went extrememly well, and the report, which we are quite proud of, is available for perusal.

The practice – warts and all!

Where are we?

Whitchurch is a small (8,000+ pop’n) pleasant market town with a very varied socio-economic population; the main employers are agricultural-related and small businesses. The town has undergone much redevelopment in the past decade to enhance the town centre and the park area. There is a full complement of schools, nurseries and shopping facilities. The town is served by several district hospitals and is 30mins. from Shrewsbury, where the main Postgraduate Centre is. It also benefits from being central, so within easy reach are Snowdonia, the North Wales coast, the Potteries, Liverpool, Manchester and of course the varied Shropshire countryside.

The premises?

‘Drumcarrig’ is a lovely old white rendered 1930s house now fully converted into modern surgery premises.  We have had several major refurbishments, the most recent in 2003, to provide plenty of space and your own room, not shared by anyone else!  Car parking is a bit scarce alongside, but the Lidl supermarket has conveniently provided a section of its car park opposite for our use – although they are not yet aware of this….

And the staff?

We are lucky to have an exceptional, innovative practice manager, three experienced nurses (one with a ‘Nurse Practitioner’ qualification), two Health Visitors, a Dietician, Chiropodists, and Counsellors working with us, and we have student district nurses and trainee receptionists attached to the practice regularly also. All members of the team are involved in training and teaching.   We have regular staff meetings and excellent communication generally.  We take ‘time out’ regularly when we shut the practice to look at team- and organisational development.  We have recently also been granted ‘practice nurse training status’ – a new innovation in partnership with local universities.

And the partners?

The Partners are Tim Lyttle and Jamie Muir. Tim is the current accredited trainer and lives just outside Oswestry with his Family. Jamie lives in Whitchurch and is involved in a local church.

Contact us for further details or an informal visit

Tel: 01948 662128
Fax: 01948 667626

Click here to contact us via the website

This form reaches both doctors and the manager; Richard is happy to respond to any queries  or Morven our manager can also answer any questions or arrange a visit.

For details of the West Midlands centralised application process for Registrars please contact Ms G. Evans on 0121 456 5600

You can access more information via the Shropshire VTS website