Other Doctors

Dr Mary Goudge


Dr Goudge currently works in the Practice for two surgeries per week.  She completed her General Practice training here as a Registrar in 2003-4 and has been working here part-time ever since.When not at work, Mary & her husband spend most of their time either renovating or sailing their boat, which is moored at Conwy, North Wales.

Doctors in Training

Bridgewater Family Medical Practice is a Training Practice. This means that there will often be a fully qualified doctor, with several years of experience, working here. They are either:

Foundation Year 2 Doctors are deciding which specialty they wish to pursue and spend 4 months with us gaining experience in General Practice.

GP Specialist Registrars. This is often the final part of their training and they usually spend 6 months or a year with us.

Training doctors take clinics and surgeries in exactly the same way as the GP Partners do.