Non NHS Work

Private (Non-NHS) Fees and Charges from June 2012

A number of services carried out by GPs are not covered by the NHS scheme and we have to charge you for them. The charges are set by the British Medical Association nationally but doctors can charge more or less if they wish to.

Certificated Our Fee
Short Private Sick Note £10
Statement of character (e.g. Gun License) £30
BUPA, PPA, NU Certificate £40
Short Insurance Forms £25
Long Insurance Forms £45
Power of Attorney £80
HGV/PSV / PCV / Taxi ‘Medical’ £70
Meredith Coaches £80
Others £90
Racing Driver/Pilots Licence £90
Elderly Driver report only £40
Elderly Driver ‘Medical’ £50
Driving Licence Form £20
Holiday Cancellation Certificate £40
‘Fit to Travel’ Certificate £30
Private Prescription for Travel Drugs £20
Passport Form Etc £20
Non NHS Vaccinations Please ask Reception
Certificate of Fitness £25
Sports Examination (e.g. Sub-Aqua) £90
Insurance ‘Medicals’
[often paid for by Insurance Company] £140
Report only £40
Blood test on behalf of Insurance Co £20 + Lab Fee
Employment Medicals
Food Handling Certificate £40
Pre-employment medicals £100
Pre-employment Questionnaire £35
Employer Report re Employee £60
Legal/Solicitors’ Report £50-£110
Benefit Agency/Job Centre Reports £35
Adoption/Fostering Medical £100
Access to Medical Records
(Plus photocopying cost)

Access to practice policy various, please enquire at reception